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Pouches for heat sealers

Pouches From
Bags is happy to offer its customers the opportunity to purchase pre-made pouches for all types of packaging applications. Pouches are made per customer specifications and can incorporate reseal able strips, custom printing, white or silver backing material. Thickness of material is variable depending on requirements. Please contact us at (484)-223-0309 for a specific quotation and lead time.

These pouches are perfect for use with your continuous band heat sealer or impulse sealer.

Pouches are manufactured for by a trusted name in packaging with over a decade of experience supplying pouches to the medical and food industry. Pouches are air and moisture proof and feature easy tear 'v' notches standard.

Pouch printing pricing is dependent on colors and pouch size. Please contact for a quote.

The following are sample pouch prices at the following specifications:

Top Layer: 12 Microns Polyester
Second Layer: 09 Microns Aluminum Foil
Bottom Layer: 70 Microns Dowlex/non toxic / Food Grade / co-extruded/ multi layer film.

Size Inches Size MM Exterior Color Cost (10,000) Order Cost Per Pouch
12x12 300x300 Plain Silver USD$ 2,145.00 $.215
12x12 300x300 Plain White USD$ 2,050.00 $.21
04x06 100x150 Plain Silver USD$ 475.00 $.048
04x06 100x150 Plain White USD$ 460.00 $.046
05x08 125x200 Plain Silver USD$ 560.00 $.056
05x08 125x200 Plain White USD$ 545.00 $.055
04x10 100x250 Plain Silver USD$ 625.00 $.063
04x10 100x250 Plain White USD$ 615.00 $.062
10x10 250x250 Plain Silver USD$ 1,550.00 $.16
10x10 250x250 Plain White USD$ 1,485.00 $.15
06x12 150x300 Plain Silver USD$ 1,200.00 $.12
06x12 150x300 Plain White USD$ 1,150.00 $.12

Shipping Not Included in Pouch Prices. Call For a Quote: 484-223-0309

silver pouchplain pouches Resealable Pouches
Silver Pouches With Notch. White Pouches Without Notch. Silver Pouches With Resealable Strip



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